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Silky, savory, delicious scallops wrapped in bacon. Scallops are a good buy right now at the grocery store, so take advantage of Morton’s delicious recipe. This is exactly how they prepare them in the steak house. You can make them yourself by following this easy recipe!

By the way, if you go to Morton’s tell them you saw their recipe on my site, you’ll get that delicious chocolate molten cake they do for free with any purchase.

Fiesta Time!

Fiesta® San Antonio, the biggest festival in the Alamo City, is getting even bigger in 2009 with a brand-new kickoff event April 16.

That means that starting this year, Fiesta is 11 days long, thanks to the new “Fiesta Fiesta at the Alamo”—a bigger-than-a-block party in and around Alamo Plaza. D.A. Susan Reed is chairing the event, and she says it will be “Family friendly and fun.” Click here for all the fun Fiesta activities..

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