Need a break! How about High Tea?

When was the last time you sat down with a friend or two in the middle of the day to relax and just talk? It doesn’t happen nearly often enough does it! Maybe you can change that. How about a little ‘tea time’ at the Lion and Rose British Restaurant and Pub in Sonterra?

It’s very appealing. For starters, the Lion and Rose is serving what’s said to be the most popular tea in Britain— Lion & Rose English Pub & Restaurant. PG boasts that Britons drink 35 million cups a day of the brew.

The afternoon ritual of ‘high tea’ started in England back in 1661 when Charles II married Catherine of Braganca who brought the practice with her from Portugal. A light meal was usually served along with the tea.

At the Lion and Rose, you’ll sit down to a lovely table with fresh flowers and linens, and in addition to the PG tips, there’s a nice assortment of finger sandwiches, fresh fruits and some delicious desserts…dark chocolate brownies anyone?

The Lion & Rose Afternoon Tea starts at 1p and goes until 4p and is only available at the Sonterra location.

To see the fabulous food and what’s in store for you, click here.


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