Soup recipe worth waiting tables for

When I was anchoring weekend news some years ago, a cool new hotel opened on the River Walk next door to the station called The Havana. The Havana had a restaurant, and I became friends with the chef Camille Mays. At that time the start-up hotel had a skeleton staff, so in between anchoring the newscasts I volunteered to be a server in the restaurant to help out Camille.

It was great fun and a wonderful diversion from the ‘if it bleeds it leads’ Saturday night newscast.

One of the perks, of course, was seeing how some of the dishes were made. My all time favorite recipe of Camille’s is a velvety smooth Red Onion Bisque. Camille’s career took her out of SA and we lost touch for a few years, but ‘thank you Facebook’ we reconnected, and she graciously agreed to share her recipe with all of you. It’s in my The Havana. at

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