Fiesta Foodie Favorites

Sure, Fiesta is all about the parties, parades and pageantry. But, it’s also about the food! Check out our Fiesta Foodie Fav Finds right here.

Talk about a perfect party food, check out these easy dishes. Try a Fiesta Pizza Party with this one. Or, how does a Gordita Fiesta sound? Put all the ingredients out so your guests can customize their own. For a fit Fiesta, I love this Chicken Enchilada Surprise from H-E-B.

You won’t find a Fiesta side dish more colorful than this Roasted Corn and Black Bean salad. It’s chilled too…so it’s a perfect way to keep cool!

What does Fiesta Royalty eat during the big party? Last year’s King Antonio’s favorite, is Macaroni and Cheese! Try it for yourself.

Here’s a fiery alternative to traditional grits. It’s a favorite from the Fiesta Cookbook. And quench your Fiesta thirst with this tasty concoction from Melissa Guerra at Pearl. You’ll be saying ‘Viva Fiesta’ after a few of these.

And ‘get your NIOSA on’ with these recipes. Each is a favorite from the different sections of A Night in Old San Antonio:

Plus, we’ve got lots more recipes in my recipe section.

Viva Fiesta!

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Jenn Crockett says: April 10, 2011 at 3:23 pm

Great to know you’re the official Fiesta Foodie, keep up th good work (I’m sure it’s soooo hard tasing all the fun Fiesta fare) Thanks Tanji!


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