Full Sail Session Lager

Full Sail Session

It’s tough to make everyone happy…ESPECIALLY when it comes to choosing the right beer for your particular palate. Light to dark on the malt scale determines the bulk of your preference, because ultimately it determines what you desire in taste. Do you like something with minimum body that’s crisp and refreshing, or are you of the garden Guinness variety? Whatever the case, October’s ‘Beer of the Month’ selection comes from a relatively new brewery on the block known as Full Sail.

Full Sail SessionNow if Full Sail is to be dubbed a beginner in the brewing industry, than consider Session it’s baby. Think of it as the People’s beer. Birthed and bottled as an homage to the classical era of the early 1900’s…pre-Prohibition and good taste for all!

The Session Premium Lager made it’s debut in 2005, and quickly won over the hearts of microbrew fanatics all around. I love it because it is such a crowd pleaser- a slightly lower alcohol content, but high on drinkability, meaning it’s easy. Trust me, that’s a good thing. Session pairs with a multitude of foods. In fact, it’s known as an “all-purpose” beer, so don’t be afraid to get a little creative! Cheers y’all!



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