Spirited Holiday Cocktails

Masraff's Namaste Drink

Even ardent wine fans like to get adventurous during the holidays and imbibe some creative cocktails.  Some of Houston’s top mixologists agreed to share their recipes with Goodtaste.tv.  You may be inspired to try them at home, or some of these festive mixed marvels will excite you to head to the bar of your favorite restaurant to sip and savor there.

Up first – Namaste.  I love everything about this drink – the name, the premise behind its creation and yes, the taste.  It comes from one of my favorite restaurants Masraff’s on Post Oak Boulevard.

Namaste.  Even if you’re not familiar with the Hindu term, just saying ‘namaste’ has a nice feel…a serene, peaceful sound.

You can honor the spirit of ‘namaste’ by imbibing this amazing martini by the same name.  It’s the perfect drink to sip this season – a reminder to slow down and enjoy these special times.

Masraff Mixologist Peter Clifton came up with this interesting medley of Yerba Maté infused vodka, high quality vermouth and Sencha tea with a hint of lemon and orange.  Just watching the mixologist create this drink is great fun.  You can get the recipe and watch Peter create the spirit inspired creation on my website Goodtaste.tv. This isn’t a sweet drink. It’s an interesting combination of ingredients…a worthy departure from your favorite cocktail.

Up next, the Anvil Bar’s Alex Gregg offers Odin’s Mead. Odin was the Zeus-like God of Nordic mythology whose sexual favors are said to have gained him access to a very special mead (a fermented drink made with honey)…a mead that would inspire poets.  See if this ‘mead’ will do the same for you…inspire you that is!

If you’ve ever dined at Haven, you know it’s heaven. Chef Randy Evans’ savory applewood smoked bacon grits with Gulf shrimp is one of my all time favorites.

Haven mixologist and General Manager Bryan Davis came up with the South Texas Dove – a refreshing citrus style cocktail that’s topped off with a shot of prosecco – a drink perfect for hanging out under the mistletoe!

I’ve got more great holiday cocktail recipes like the incredible Cocoa-Berry Martini and Pumpkin Pie martini on my website Goodtaste.tv.  While you’re there be sure to sign up for my newsletter.  Happy Holidays!

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