Duvel – Classic Belgian Strong Blonde Ale


Smooth, strong and fruity enough for this blond, the Belgian brewery of Duvel has been churning out their flagship blonde ale in an exacting fashion, since 1871. I happened upon it during this past holiday season, and I was an instant fan. No other beer I’ve come across tastes quite like it!

I should note that Duvel is 100% pure and natural, with no additives or preservatives. It’s dry, complex flavoring of orange zest, lemon and hints of pear as well as apple and grapefruit (giving it a slightly bitter aftertaste) is accomplished through a careful maturation process that takes no sooner than 90 days…now that’s what I call devotion!!

Enjoy it on draft, or straight from it’s curvy cool container. It’s a beautifully clean gold that pours just right, so long as you avoid contact between the bottle and the glass. As you pour, gradually lift the bottle a bit higher to form a full, creamy head. This helps to spread the nutty, malt aroma throughout evenly.

Pairing it with poultry, like this Lemon Honey Cilantro Grilled Chicken, is also pure perfection. And at 8.5% alcohol content, it’s a definite winter-warmer, lending you that fuzzy feeling without compromising on balanced flavor.

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