The Diet that Works for Me

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Mac 'n CheeseThis diet worked for me once, so I’m doing it again to start the new year! It’s a no-brainer diet, and that’s what I love about it. My Fit Foods does all the work for you–prepare the food, choose the meals (you can have input) and monitor your progress. Healthy, pre-packaged and pre-portioned meals like their popular Fit Macaroni (it’s gluten free!), or one of my favorites, the Lean Lemon Turkey, make it so simple. They are the definition of fresh – made from scratch seven days a week and never once frozen. I tried their 21 Day Challenge last year and saw real results, even after I finished their plan! The great thing about My Fit Foods is that you don’t feel like your restricting what you eat, you just know it tastes good. Look great and feel great in the new year – you deserve it!  Feel free to email me if you have any questions about how my husband and I did the diet. I lost about 6 pounds and he lost 10.

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