The Colorful Convenience of Ben E. Keith Meals!

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Ben E. Keith saladExecutive Chef Michael Pearce is out to save you time and money with these value-added option meals from Ben E. Keith. Their Southwest Chopped Salad is so easy to do, and as an added bonus makes such a beautiful presentation…the vibrant mixture of veggies is stunning! Take some baby romaine for your base, add diced mangoes and pineapples (as well as a few other goodies that play with your palate) and top it off with a sinfully good jalapeño ranch dressing that’s both sweet and spicy! Voilà!

There’s also another matter at stake: Chef Pearce’s Sterling Silver ‘baseball’ cut sirloin steak. First it’s pan-seared, then cooked in the oven before being sprinkled with a secret Southwest seasoning that’s prime on peppers! Homemade, fresh cut French fries, crispy onions dusted with mustard powder and roasted jalapeños join the party as well…wake up those taste buds!

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