Real Ale is the Real Deal!

Real Ale Brewing Co.

These guys at Real Ale Brewing Co. are great! Love their beers, and we had a great time when we took our cameras to their brewery. Check out our tour of Real Ale’s brewery…what a cool place! Homegrown (and always ice-cold), they’ve been in the brewing biz since 1996, and now you can find Real Ale just about anywhere in the Lone Star State.

Real Ale BreweryLocated just off the beaten path in the foothills of Blanco, Texas, this ‘Little Brewery That Could’ today consists of a 60 barrel, four vessel, steam-fired brewhouse capable of producing between 54,000 and 72,000 barrels a year! That’s a far cry from the antique store basement, where the brewery originated on the Blanco town square.

Back then, they had only three original recipes brewing –  Full Moon Pale Rye Ale, Brewhouse Brown Ale, and a really special Rio Blanco Pale Ale

Rio Blanco Pale AleDeep golden and malty, with a spicy hop flavor and well balanced hop bitterness, the Rio Blanco is a uniquely Texan interpretation of an English-style pale ale. Authentic Czech Saaz hops provide a crisp finish and delicate aroma that’ll keep you cool as the Sun begins to make it’s way out again. If you’re new to the ‘craft’ world, it’s a very drinkable beer…plus it’s an award winner. Rio Blanco Pale Ale won a gold medal at the 2010 Great American Beer festival!


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3 Responses to Real Ale is the Real Deal!

Heidi Hawkins says: March 6, 2012 at 6:42 pm

I had my first taste of Real Ale’s Shade Grown Coffee Porter a few weeks ago at Drew’s. I was blown away! What a great combination . . . beer brewed with coffee. I am somewhat disappointed to learn that it is seasonal, and I may have to wait until fall to try it again.


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