We Have a Winner – at the ‘Perfect’ Time

I think everyone needs to feel they have a purpose. Sometimes we get so busy, so preoccupied with the clutter of the day that we often miss the really cool stuff…the things that a higher power has control of instead of us. Not tonight.

We ran a contest on Goodtaste.tv to give away a $500 Viking stand mixer from Homewerks. The winner would be the person who signed up the most people to our newsletter at Goodtaste.tv.  I finally heard from the winner tonight. I’d love to share with you what she shared with me…the back story as she calls it.

‘I am soo excited for my Niece who I was trying to win this for…she just started her own business offering Organic Clean Food called Nourished Foods and this mixer is going to be a huge blessing…:))’

Margie, our winner, is a personal trainer, Group Ex Instructor (specializing in kickbox, bootcamp and small group personal training) and a Group Ex. Manager for Golds Gym. Wow!

I’m thrilled Margie won and that our mixer just ‘happened’ to land in her niece’s hands at the perfect time.

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