Perfectly Poached Mahi-Mahi in a Citrus Wine Marinade


If you’re looking to lighten up your fare for the Spring time, you’re in luck. I stopped by H-E-B’s Montrose Market location for a powwow with Chef Amy in Cooking Connections. We talked warm weather wine and fresh filets, plus great a way to cook with each! Watch the video as she guides you through all of the steps…the aromas were sensational!

Two great choices for a wine pairing here…either a fabulous Pinot Grigio by Barone Fini to use for our poaching process or The Crossings Sauvignon Blanc! Both wines are available at the Montrose Market HEB (some of the other HEBs may have them too). The recipe to this dish is a joy to assemble and made to pair with asparagus (or any number of greens for that matter). It’s the wine, however, that truly makes the difference…I don’t cook with any bottle I wouldn’t drink!

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