S’Mores Cupcake Recipe from Gigi’s!

Move over cookies! Cupcakes are the new holiday dessert star!

The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without a heaping helping of sweets. Over the last few years, cupcakeries have become more and more popular to make these light, fluffy handfuls of confection perfection– the new “it” dessert for parties, presents or just to say “happy holidays.”

One of the legendary cupcakeries is Gigi’s Cupcakes. They are known for their mile-high frosting and unique flavors that make you want to dig in. These aren’t your mom’s cupcakes though! The frosting alone could command a fork for you enjoy all the creamy goodness!  Some of Gigi’s “regulars” even enjoy literally cutting the cupcake in half and to make a cupcake sandwich. These are some of the best cupcakes you’ll ever indulge in.

The Woodlands location opened its doors to Goodtaste to show us how their S’Mores cupcake is made. It’s every bit as good as the original campfire treat. They even shared their recipe for the cupcake with us…

Here’s an up close look at how they are baked, frosted and decorated:

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While we were baking away, Gigi’s Cupcakes showed us some of their holiday cupcake stars like the Grinch cupcake that looks just like the famous holiday character and another cupcake full of tiny Christmas trees.

Some of the other notable cupcakeries around town are Sprinkles Cupcakes and Crave Cupcakes.

Sprinkles Cupcakes is known for their signature dot on top of their frosting, but for the holidays they get festive with little bits of candy cane and other seasonal toppings. The cupcake chain started in California. Now they call Texas home and have made their way into several other states. Their flavors are fun and include everything from Chocolate Peppermint to  Cinnamon Sugar and Eggnog Spice. They even make vegan cupcakes in their signature flavors.

Courtesy: Sprinkles Cupcakes

Crave Cupcakes are just as heavenly. Their flavors range from Nutella to Chocolate Espresso and Italian Cream. They even bake breakfast cupcakes every morning. Try out an Almond Cranberry or Cake Donut cupcake with your morning coffee. If the regular sized sweets are too much, they bake mini cupcakes that are half the size but every bit as delicious.

Courtesy: Crave Cupcakes

No matter your craving, there’s a holiday cupcake out there to satisfy it. With so many to try and add to your list of favorites, the possibilities are endless. You could become a cupcake connoisseur in no time! Enjoy every bite and happy cupcake tasting!

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Patrick says: December 14, 2013 at 2:40 am

I found the Hunka Chunka Banana Love recipe on BetterShow.com! I am a HUGE fan of GiGi’s Cupcakes! How was the experience?


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