The Margarita Master Continues to ‘Wow!’ at La Fonda

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“Juan’s special touch, fresh lime juice, and plain good tequila.” That’s the recipe for over 40 years of success as told to me by Hans White, owner and operator of La Fonda Alamo Heights — a local legend of Tex Mex. Of course he’s referring to his world famous bartender, Juan, who has been with La Fonda over four decades! The restaurant itself is also celebrating another milestone soon…its 55th anniversary on March 9th.

Nothing says ‘party’ like a real margarita, and Juan is known for his premium combinations. He gets a ton of repeat business! Much of the spirit selection you’ll encounter here, from tequila to rum, vodka and bourbon come from local lines unique to Texas. Even some Mezcal — like the Agave de Cortez is produced in Mexico but owned in San Antonio!

To preview La Fonda’s new guilt-free menu, including a specialty ‘skinny’ margarita, click here. For more delicious recipes and fun food and wine pairing ideas, subscribe to my newsletter.

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