Pat Sharpe Continues to Shape How Texas Chows Down!

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Where are the best new restaurants in the Lone Star State? There’s one gal who can tell you all you need to know and has done just that for decades. Pat Sharpe, longtime restaurant critic for Texas Monthly, may just be the most influential foodie this side of the Rio Grande! She’s a modest one though, and she still believes in a little humor every now and then to soften the “criticism,” if any, she’ll give out. Truthfully, after all these years, she’s just happy to be doing her job:

“When I walk into a restaurant, I still think, this could be the best meal I’ve EVER had!” she tells me with a smile.

So exactly which cities did she have the most to say about? To read more in-depth from her February 2013 column, Click Here. Houston topped her list — also the nation’s leader in the number of times per week adults dine out…

Pat’s Picks for Houston:

For Pat’s grading criteria, as well as her biggest pet peeve when eating out, watch our interview above. Pat spoke a bit about the ‘quality’ of a good welcome when you arrive…I couldn’t agree more! For more delicious recipes and fun food and wine pairing ideas, subscribe to my newsletter.

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