Garrido’s Gets it Right!

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Goodtaste is back inside the state-of-the-art Sysco kitchen facilities, this time to preview some of the amazing food from David Garrido, owner and namesake of Garrido’s Restaurant & Bar in Austin. If you’ve been to Garrido’s lately, you may have noticed some changes. Where the focus was once on modern Mexican cuisine, the tempo has switched now to “New Word Latino” with emphasis on healthier, organic and gluten-free products. I’m a big supporter of that!

garrido-sea-bassOne of the newer menu items that exemplifies these characteristics is this incredible Sea Bass with Mango Chia Seed Sauce and Arugula Chipotle Quinoa. The secret is getting the quinoa to turn out properly…you’ll want to sauté it in a little bit of olive oil first. The smells wafting from this dish are infectious. Herbs mixing with the mango and serrano…oh wow! Dig in y’all!

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Garrido’s Restaurant & Bar

360 Nueces St. #10 | Austin, Texas 78701 | (512) 320-8226
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