Spaten Oktoberfest


When I say “Fall” you think may think “foliage”…and lots of it. But how about cool weather fun on massive fairgrounds and a beer that’s tailor-made for enhancing that very experience? Consider yourself officially invited to take part in a grand tradition! It’s one of the world’s largest parties, and it’s been happening for just over 200 years. Of course, I’m talking about the annual Oktoberfest bonanza – a 17-day cultural convention of food, music and merriment, which takes place from late September into the first weekend of October.

What began (and still continues) over in Munich  is now an international affair with copycat celebrations as near as Fredericksburg, TX! …so don’t worry if you can’t exactly make pilgrimage to Germany.

A staple of the original festival, however, was the insistence that only beer brewed locally within Munich city limits could be offered to visiting patrons. Thus came the birth of what is said to be the first ever Octoberfest beer made back in 1872: the Spaten Oktoberfest. And believe me, the standard for sweetness has been set!

A toasted malt with subtle hints of honey and caramel, the Oktoberfest is also nutty with light hops – and great with conventional German fare such as Schweinebraten (roast pork) or Würstl (sausage) as well as grilled chicken. ‘Tis the season literally to enjoy this ‘Beer of the Month’ for October!



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