Best Holiday Recipes That Really Take Off!


December is such a magical month! I keep bottles of bubbly in the refrigerator, so we can celebrate life at a moment’s notice. It’s also a time when we enjoy festive party foods that we don’t normally indulge in.

I’ve got some fabulous recipes for not only party foods but also for your special holiday meal…everything from Boudro’s delicate Parmesan Tuiles to Biga’s Famous Sticky Toffee Pudding. Many amazing chefs have shared some of their favorite recipes with me, and I’m thrilled to share them with you.

To make your work easier during this busy time of year, I’ve put all the recipes in one place…right here…that way you don’t have to search my entire website.

Enjoy…and as always, don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions.






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Feature Image Credit: Anjelita Espinoza

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