A Beautiful Sunset Signals Awesome 2014

On New Year’s Eve at our house, a glass was raised to Lionel Cousin, owner and winemaker at Cupano in beautiful Tuscany…the Brunello region to be specific. It was about eight years ago that we first visited the Cupano vineyards and spent an entire afternoon with its owner, Lionel, tasting wine and talking about things that mattered. We celebrated New Year’s Eve with the Cupano 2000, and it was fabulous! It was paired with a fontina cheese stuffed veal chop recipe from Lidia Bastianich’s cookbook. Delish!


That day  at Cupano changed my life and my husband’s in ways we never could have predicted! How often in this country do we stop and enjoy a sunset? We spent hours watching that gorgeous Tuscan sun set over the scenic rolling hills. Since then, I appreciate that sentiment. Sadly, I still get caught up in work to the degree that I forget to stop and look…and feel.

Tonight, after a quick last minute trip to H-E-B, I did just that. I saw a beautiful sunset in progress and drove to a spot to get a better look. Not only was it an amazing, spectacular sight, but it was the last sunset of the year…a hint of what’s to come in the new year.

Life is a gift…every single day is a gift. At the top of my list of resolutions for 2014 is LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

Thank you to all of our friends who enjoy what we do on Goodtaste.tv…your enthusiasm and support spur us on. In the New Year our goal is to continue to give you fun wine info on the best to try and bargains to buy. Also,  great recipes to pair with those wines.  We also want  to find the stories that will inspire you to be your best. As always, if you have ideas, email me at goodtaste@tanjipatton.com.

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