Texas Crawfish from Some Good Ole Boys!

Good Ole Boys Crawfish

It was a craving for crawfish that led us to Good Ole Boys. It’s not the kind of place that does a lot of advertising or has a huge visibility from the street. In fact, you almost have to be looking for it to find it.

The next time you’re on Interstate 10 near Katy look to the west, and you just might see Good Ole Boys—an old wood frame building with a large extended awning out front that protects about a dozen long tables from the outside elements. Yes, this is it and yes, you want to go in!


Fresh crawfish are on the menu right now, and you order ‘em by the pound. But, don’t stop there. Other choices worthy of your time include fried frog legs (big ones), Seafood Gumbeaux, Po Boy sandwiches and the best Boudain Balls I’ve ever tasted!


Owner Jay Baker is quite the character, and if you ask real nice, he’ll grab his guitar and belt out a few catchy tunes for you. Open Thursday – Sunday, this is a must do spot for casual Cajun food just like you’d find in Louisiana but done with a little Texas swagger. Good Ole Boys also caters.

If you, too, crave crawfish this time of year, check out some of our great gets when it comes to crawfish recipes on Goodtaste.tv. One of our favorites is the delicious Gaido’s Crawfish Chili that we love to garnish with a dollop of creamy goat cheese.

Also, from Chef Danny Trace at Brennan’s, check out the Breaux Bridge Barbecue Crawfish Shortcake. The flavors are true Cajun with the Worcestershire sauce, heavy cream and Creole seasonings.

For something a bit lighter, D’Amico’s Crawfish Stuffed Ravioli is wonderful. You can make the recipe here, or better yet, let D’Amico’s do the heavy lifting for you at the restaurant.

We’ve got more crawfish recipes and all kinds of other recipes and wine pairings on Goodtaste.tv. While you’re there sign up for a chance to win a 3 day 2 night stay at the wonderful Deer Lake Lodge and Spa. Enjoy!

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