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A little compassion goes a long way in our world…beyond borders, beyond any old cup of Joe. You may not be craving a hot mug just yet, but you will be soon enough! What we learned from one Hill Country coffee company will change your buying habits for the better.

The folks behind Ferra Coffee bring it back to the growers; empowering the people behind our favorite roasts to ensure the highest quality cup every time.

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Owner Susan Jaime circumvents the globe to source the finest organic coffee beans out there – those that adhere to a standard set by the Specialty Coffee Association of America. Each coffee is then carefully selected, graded and cupped in house by a master roaster at Ferra.

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More importantly is the education and support lent to the growers themselves. Susan and her team work with them directly to improve their crop and grow their business. She says it’s a win/win: better informed growers produce a more premium product. Can you believe about 90% of them have never tasted their own beans roasted!

See more of the actual roasting process (very cool), as well as hear from Susan on the differences between commercially graded and specialty graded coffees. The “defects” to watch out for!


Where to Find Ferra:

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Ferra Coffee

28991 IH10 W Suite 109B, Boerne, TX 78006

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