What’s in Chef’s Lunchbox?

Sure these guys and gals are known wizards at work; culinary conjurors when they’re wowing us on the clock. But how about at home with their own families? Goodtaste reached out to six chefs from around Texas to ask…what’s in YOUR lunchbox? Or better yet- your children’s? The answers are as diverse as they are delicious!


David Skinner

Owner/Executive Chef, Eculent


Chef Skinner combines farm-to-table fare with state-of-the-art technologies to create a custom atmosphere and ambiance for each course at Eculent. When he’s not breaking ground in that kitchen, he takes a more relaxed approach in his own and with daughter Makenzie…



Pistachio Butter and Honey Sandwich

“Makenzie loves sandwiches with honey and nut butter. Her favorite is when I make pistachio butter for her. This sandwich is simple to make and delicious.”



Snap, Crackle, and Pop,Pop,Pop Treats

“Makenzie also has a sweet tooth and loves to help me in the kitchen. So often she makes her favorite treat, Rice Krispie treats, for her lunch. However, I have to give it an ‘Eculent’ twist, which is to make them really pop by adding Pop Rocks to them.”



Geronimo Lopez

Executive Chef, Botika

Chef G. Lopez

A native of Caracas, Chef Lopez has more than 20 years experience as a chef in six countries, from Slovenia and Croatia to Venezuela, Mexico and of course the USA! Locals in San Antonio know him from his stint at NAO: New World Flavors restaurant, and most recently Botika – a brand new addition to the Historic Pearl Brewery, boasting Peruvian/Asian fusion cuisine.

Chef Lopez likes to pack his daughter, Natalia, a bento box with two compartments: one with broccoli pasta salad, and the other with banana-strawberries and honey.


Pat Lee

Co-Owner/Chef, PhoNatic

Lee Family 3

PhoNatic is a family-owned restaurant chain in the greater Austin area that specializes in serving fresh and flavorful Vietnamese cuisine in a modern, sleek environment. The restaurant is owned and operated by husband and wife duo Pat and Sara Lee.

Pat’s main focus is recipe development and back of house operations, while Sara handles business and marketing management. The Lee’s have three adorable kiddos named Donovan, Brooklyn and Dominic and a puppy named Smokey. 🙂

For Donovan’s Lunch:

Shrimp spring rolls & pho with brisket and meatballs and Pockys for dessert

Pho and spring rolls


Brooklyn & Dominic’s Lunch:

Brown rice with grilled pork and baby bok choy



Patricia Alvarez-Burdette

Chef, Holley’s

Chef Patricia Alvarez Burdette

Chef Patti has worked in many fine kitchens in Houston, to include benjy’s on Washington, Crescent Moon Wine Bar and Killen’s Steakhouse in Pearland, TX. She likes to prepare bento boxes with fresh fruit, vegetables, rice and lean meat for her two young daughters.


Tommy Elbashary

Chef, B&B Butchers & Restaurant

B&B Pizza Cross

Chef Tommy Elbashary fell in love with cooking at an early age, surrounded by the rich aromas in his mother’s kitchen in Cairo Egypt. With more than 32 years of experience, Chef Elbashary has worked at some of the country’s finest eateries…Ben Benson’s, Rosie O’ Grady’s, King of the Sea, The Post House, Cite and Smith & Wollensky.

For his kids, homemade ‘pizza rolls’ always suffice…



Pizza Croissants

B&B Pizza Cross 2


Todd Engel

Chef, Greenhouse Local Craft Food


Greenhouse serves comfort food made with local, seasonal ingredients from Texas farmers and ranchers. Chef Engel treats his own daughter to the same spoils! Here’s his recommendation for a fun, well-rounded kids’ lunch:

  • Dried fruit and baked coconut
  • Cheese sandwich on whole wheat
  • Freeze dried corn and carrot chips
  • Natural apple sauce

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