Outstanding Oysters & Why We Need Them!

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Aw SHUCKS…my love affair with oysters began out west on a California vacation over a decade ago! It was a romantic getaway from the start, so throwing a few oysters into the mix didn’t hurt. 😉 I grew up in Houston with Gulf oysters, but as a kid I just wasn’t enthusiastic about eating them. How times have changed!

Fast forward way into adulthood and I’ve enjoyed tons of Gulf oysters –fried, grilled or otherwise. These days, raw oysters from almost anywhere are one of my favorite foods. Fellow admirers of these saltwater sensations will fall for Tommy’s in Clear Lake, TX. As often as they’re served at this family owned restaurant, the oyster shells are recycled in an ongoing effort to rebuild the reef systems in the Galveston Bay.


Healthy oyster reefs are good for the Gulf. A single oyster filters up to 50 gallons of seawater a day!

To learn more about the sustainable techniques the folks at Tommy’s use to restore and maintain these delicate beds, tune in to our video above. We even show you how to crack one open the proper way – plump and delicious!



Beautifully arranged cheesy Baked Oysters topped with toasted breadcrumbs from Mongers Market + Kitchen:



Roasted Gulf Oysters…Heaven on the Half Shell found at State Fare Kitchen + Bar. Spread with spicy bourbon butter and sprinkled with diced sweet peppers and Provolone cheese:



Take a spoon to these crispy, golden brown Gulf Oysters Rockefeller, courtesy of  Harold’s Restaurant, Bar & Terrace:



Dine Restaurant & Bar has yet another way to plate those Crispy Oysters, dressed with pico de gallo and spicy mayo:



While we’re on a fritter kick – Oyster Boudin Balls from Salty Sow! Shown here with a delectable chipotle remoulade for dipping away:



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