Cast Iron Cookin’


Hot and hearty dishes that require little skill–just a skillet! From layered breakfast enchiladas to a classic campfire dessert, we’ve got you covered with one-pan wonder meals for ANY time of day, best served in cast iron cookware.  Plus, scroll down for some tips on caring for your cast iron and even more reasons why you’ll want to have at least one of these beauties as a valuable tool.  My cast iron skillet is the least expensive pan I own, AND it’s my favorite!

All praises for the kind of good eatin’ that warms the soul! 🙌




South Texas Layered Enchiladas

Rotisserie Chicken : Rockin’ Moroccan Sauce : Espresso Chili Rub : Mexican Crema : Queso Oaxaca

South Texas Layered Enchiladas


Zucchini Tomato Baked Frittata

Zucchini : Cherry Tomatoes : Cheddar Cheese : Egg : Dried Dill

Zucchini Tomato Baked Frittata


Chicken with Olives & Pine Nuts

*from THE Lidia Bastianich!



S’mores Dip

Chocolate Chips : Marshmallow : Graham Crackers : Heavy Cream : Cayenne Pepper

S'mores Dip




Benefits of cooking in cast iron…

1) No synthetic or potentially harmful materials.

2) A meal cooked in a cast iron pot can provide up 18 mg iron

3) Versatility- you can sauté, sear, roast, braise, deep fry and bake!


How to care for your cast iron…


Wipe It Clean

Every time you use your cast-iron, you should wipe out any bits of food. You can clean your cast iron pot with hot water, kosher salt and a rag. NEVER put your cast iron in the dishwasher!!


Oil it

Once the pan is clean, use a rag or a paper towel to coat it with a thin layer of oil (olive oil, coconut oil, vegetable oil, canola oil) making sure to cover the entire pan inside and out, so your pot doesn’t rust.


Heat it

Seal in the goodness by placing your piece in an oven set to 200-250 degrees for 15 minutes and let it cool down before storing.

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