Renew Your Body with Bone Broth!

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If artisan bone broth isn’t a part of your foodie vocabulary yet–it should be! These savory liquids made from local pasture-raised chickens are a happy marriage of taste and nutrition, not to mention super easy to work into your diet. Who knew a clear path to good health in the New Year can be as simple as drinking from a cup!

FOND Bone Broth

Infused with unique combinations of sustainable herbs and veggies, and simmered for 32 hours, the nutrient dense flavors from FOND Bone Broth are handcrafted to be palatable for sipping. There’s also a number of culinary applications too. Good broth makes food great!

Love your guts with this Fond-A-Roux [below] from FOND founder, Alysa Seeland, who you’ll meet in our short video above. Alysa also shares the primary differences between stock and bone broth, and why the latter is just as delicious to drink as it is good for your nourishment.


While the roux is a terrific topper for a variety of foods (chicken, eggs, roasted veggies, potatoes to name a few!), Alysa’s Chilled Kale Quinoa Salad is another quick fix and a fabulous way to pad your dinner plate:

Chilled Kale Quinoa Salad

Both recipes call for FOND’s Trolley Dodger bone broth – infused with lemon, garlic, radish and onion.

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FOND bone broth


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