Soothing Soups for Cold Season

PhoNatic's Veggie Pho

It’s that time of year when something HOT (and preferably spicy) is precisely what the doctor ordered. Our cure for the common cold? A steamy bowl of homemade pho or ramen! You can add any type of protein or vegetables that you choose. Honestly, there’s no wrong way to enjoy either invigorating offering. 😉

Making your own versions of these noodle soups at home can also help improve the nutritional value. While pho (Vietnamese) and ramen (Japanese) are low in fat and high protein, they’re also steeped in sodium. At home, you have control over the ingredients! The Veggie Pho [above] combines an all natural, low sodium broth with crispy tofu, fried shallots and assorted veggies, supplying several key vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Breathe deep those heavenly aromas…relief so good you can taste it!


Chicken Pho

Hand pulled chicken breast, thai basil, onion, Sriracha, chicken broth

PhoNatic Chicken Pho


Miso Ramen

soft-boiled egg, nori, spring onion, shiitake mushrooms, bean spouts

Kimura Miso Ramen


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