The Best is “In Store” at H-E-B!

H-E-B is on a quest for the best! We’ve got the scoop on the grocery store’s 4th annual Primo Picks competition. Find out how you can get your product onto H-E-B shelves…

If you think you have the next best Texas-made product, submit your online entry for the 2017 Quest for Texas Best between February 22 – April 5 at: One Grand Prize Winner will receive $25,000 and featured placement in H-E-B stores as a Texas Best Primo Pick!

Foodies, this is your chance to share your ‘it item’ with the masses. The result could be life changing!

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One Response to The Best is “In Store” at H-E-B!

Rodney Lanning says: March 12, 2017 at 9:42 pm

Ms. Patton,

I sent you a note a week ago asking the name of a wine you featured on one of your shows that had won a prestigious wine contest that was less than $20. I wrote the name of the wine down but misplaced my note. The name started with La but I can not remember the rest of the name of the red wine you were speaking about. Would you be so kind as to send me the name of that bottle of wine to my email address.

Thank you….

Rod Lanning


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