Tastes & Treatments with Turmeric

Analida's Curry

Take our cue and start cooking with turmeric! When added to any dish, this nutritional supplement (and natural wonder) is peppery, warm and bitter. Over and above its zesty flavor, the spice also sports some serious healing properties for both your body and your brain…

Studies have shown there are numerous medicinal benefits of turmeric, including acting as an anti-inflammatory, boosting your body’s natural defenses, supporting flexibility and clearing brain fog. Did we mention it can help battle depression as well as prevent, even treat cancer??

Curry derives its intense golden hue from turmeric. Analida’s Curry recipe [above] is a blend of various spices, including turmeric, that you can add to any number of Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines, from sauces and stews to much more. Plus-


Cauliflower Sabzi

This Indian “Sabzi,” or vegetable medley of cauliflower, fennel and yams calls for 1 tsp of turmeric powder. Make it count!

Pondicherri Cauliflower Sabzi


Sweet Potato Soup with Greens

Add 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric to this spicy sweet potato soup, topped with a squeeze of lime and cilantro garnish. Mmm…simmering satisfaction…

Spicy Sweet Potato Soup


Pickled Cherry Tomatoes

The longer they sit, the better these pickled cherry tomatoes get! One quarter teaspoon of turmeric to the spice mixture here puts the potent flavor of these bad boys over the top.

Pickled Cherry Tomatoes


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