Our 3-Course Fiesta for a Few!

Chiles En Nogada

Viva Fiesta everyone! It’s our favorite time of year to “Party With a Purpose” in the Alamo City! We hope you’re here to celebrate as well. Ten full days of family fun from April 20 – 30. BTW, funds raised by official Fiesta events go towards a number of services for locals who live in San Antonio throughout the year.

If it’s not in the cards for you to attend, we’d like to bring the fiesta to you! Enjoy a gourmet 3-course Mexican meal from Goodtaste, sure to get you and your amigos in the spirit of things. Soak up the rich and diverse flavors with every mouthwatering bite!

Our menu proceeds with the Chiles en Nogada [above]; green poblano chiles stuffed with several key elements (picadillo, fruits, nuts, spices, etc.) as a sexy shareable plate. 😉 The chiles are covered in a creamy walnut sauce (the best part!) and finished with pomegranate seeds and chopped parsley. Served at room temperature.

Mole Poblano

Now, for our main course. A ode to the national dish, rather “sauce” of Mexico, mole. Among the ingredients to any good mole are both pepper and chocolate, as the chocolate helps to cut the heat of the poblano. This Mole Poblano is garnished with lightly toasted sesame seeds and served with grilled chicken breast, alongside essential warm corn tortillas.

Dessert is another classic, Churros, or deep fried Mexican fritters seasoned with ground cinnamon and sugar, and paired with an awesome melted chocolate sauce:

Churros and Chocolate

Fiesta fans — eat up!

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