A Peak Season for Pinots!

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We’re inside the Westlake H-E-B with Wine Manager Will Bliss discussing one of my favorite subjects — great pinot noir! One of the most popular wines around makes for a pretty approachable red come summertime… 😉


Underwood Pinot Noir


The can CAN fool you — but don’t be swayed! This is the perfect way to enjoy wine this summer! A light, bright, intense pinot with flavors of raspberry and cherry, plus distinct warm cocoa tones.


Rose Rock Pinot Noir


Floral (and spicy!) on the nose with dark cherry and a touch of caramel on the palate. Well-balanced with nice acidity and a long finish. A great Oregon pinot for pairing!


Martin Ray Pinot Noir


Very much exhibits the style of classic Russian River Valley pinots — one of Sonoma’s best kept secrets! Soft, silky, velvety and seductive! The price point on this guy is a real value.


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H-E-B Wine Department



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