Mr. Natural has a Knack for the Good Stuff!

For vegans, vegetarians and even those going ‘gluten free,’ finding foods that fit your dietary needs can be challenging, but not impossible! Enter Mr. Natural, a specialty Austin bakery that’s been open since 1988 — nearly 30 years strong!

Serving two locations for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the downtown area, Mr. Natural offers a TON of these kinds of goodies using only all natural ingredients and no preservatives. It’s food that makes you feel good…even if it’s a burger or tasty Tex Mex! We brought a few of their dishes to try on We Are Austin, paired with the perfect rosés!


H-E-B Rosés:

H-E-B Rosés

(Left to Right)

— Mulderbosch

— Kim Crawford

— Fleurs de Prairie


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