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Blackened Texas Redfish Sandwich

If you’re lucky enough to live in one of the five states bordering the Gulf of Mexico, you already know why this beloved body of water is so darn special! The season for fresh, succulent seafood straight from the source is at a high point. Here, we’ll show you!

The Blackened Texas Redfish Sandwich [above] has folks buzzin’ at the Water Grill – Dallas location. Split a toasted hoagie bun lengthwise, spread your favorite tartar sauce evenly on both sides, then layer in Boston lettuce, vine ripe tomatoes and coleslaw. Top it all off with the redfish fillet!

Next- dip them in egg whites, bread and bake them (rather than deep frying) — these scrumptious Coconut Unfried Shrimp taste like your cheat meal of the day…just without the whole ‘cheating’ part 😉

Coconut Unfried Shrimp

Be sure to serve with the tangy orange marmalade/mustard sauce included with the recipe. Compliments of my friends at Coastal Living!

Stick with shrimp for Mongers‘ supremely saucy BBQ Shrimp below! The head on shrimp are seasoned with kosher salt, black pepper and creole seasoning, along with Worcestershire sauce, creole mustard and lemon. This eye-catching cuisine comes with a toasted French baguette for soppin’ up all that goodness, PLUS a charred lemon half for a final, flavorful twist. Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Mongers BBQ Shrimp

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