Tanji’s Hot Takes – July 2017

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Hi guys! I’m back with some new ‘hot takes’ on household products (often edible!) I like for everyday use! Watch my latest vlog above to see where I found each locally!

Be sure to check out last month’s segment — our very first one! And, don’t forget to send me your faves at goodtaste@tanjipatton.com. Okay, so a few fun finds I’ve been enjoying this month…

Tanji's Hot Takes - July 2017


Chocolate Peanut Butter Popcorn

Poppy Hand-Crafted Popcorn

One of my favorite flavor combo’s comes to life on popcorn! Get your salty/sweet fix all in one bite…and believe me, you won’t have just one bite. 😉


Wake Me Up Before You Coco!

Kitchun No-Grain-Ola

I’m a BIG granola fan. This grain free granola product is Texas made; full of nuttiness and texture. There’s some chocolate in there too. Great all by itself or in your yogurt! On that note…


Honey on the Go


I also like honey in my yogurt. This is a well respected brand out of New Zealand — single serving packets with no mess! Manuka Honey is even said to have healing properties. Do a little Googling and you won’t have to search long.


Swedish Dishcloth

Cose Nuove

Regular sponges harbor a lot of germs but this guy is more like a cross between a sponge and a rag. The instant you dip it in water, it transforms! These dishcloths are light, easy to control and come in a variety of cute colors. And, when they’re dirty, just toss’em in the wash for cleaning and reusing. Super convenient!


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