The 2nd Annual Literary Libations Week!

Barrel O' Fun in Austin

Food & drink at Barrel O’Fun in Austin, TX.

Don’t “read too much into this” — or DO! Your favorite bars and restaurants across Texas are crafting literary-inspired cocktails for 2nd Annual Literary Libations WeekAugust 14-18!

These creative cocktails are inspired by classic works and new novels alike! Check out the full list of participating locations, complete with descriptions of their book-themed drinks!


The Old Man and the Sea

Flor de Cana Grand Reserve 7 Year Rum : lime juice : Luxardo Maraschino : grapefruit juice

The Old Man and the Sea cocktail

A Grog’s Purpose

Hamilton Demerara Rum : Bird Dog Small Batch Bourbon : lemon juice : grapefruit juice : honey syrup : St. Elizabeth Allspice Dram

A Grog's Purpose cocktail

Gin and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

gin : lime : rosemary syrup : soda

Gin and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance cocktail

A portion of the proceeds from each literary-themed cocktail sold during this time is donated to support the Festival’s annual Lit Crawl Austin, the Festival’s annual literary pub crawl that features some of America’s most groundbreaking and beloved writers onstage for literary mayhem in unexpected places!

Visit for more information, and join the conversation using the hashtag #txbookfest on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @texasbookfest.

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