Fire-Baked Shrimp Diablo Flatbread

Shrimp Diablo Flatbread

Fix this devilish flatbread recipe for a quick appetizer, lunch or dinner! Built with juicy, jumbo Gulf shrimp pieces on an Italian pizza crust imported straight from Italy!

Serve This Guilt-Free Grilled Fruit Salad!

Hot off the grill….fresh fruit! Your customers will get a kick out of this creative new way to serve salad–or dessert! Who doesn’t love something sweet, seasonal and attractive! After all, we eat with our eyes!

Grilled Fruit Salad
Blackened Redfish with Pepper Jack Corn

Pepper Jack Creamed Corn is a Real Crowd-Pleaser!

Whenever I spy creamed corn on a menu, my eyes light up! Your guests will definitely go for our spin on traditional creamed corn with Pepper Jack cheese used in place of cream cheese. The result is a nice “bite” alright…

Large Shrimp with Sherry Sous Vide

Jumbo Shrimp & Jalapeño Cheese Grits

Who wouldn’t want to order this dish for dinner – it’s stunning! We’re inside the Sysco Central Texas kitchens with Executive Chef Don Carr for a lesson in shrimp sous vide.

Chili Cheese Curd Burger

Conquer This Colossal Chili Cheese Curd Burger

Burgers are always boss — especially this big guy! Bust out the knife and fork for this Chili and Spicy Cheese Curd Burger from Executive Chef Don Carr with Sysco Central Texas. Each 7 oz patty is a juicy blend of…

Goodtaste with Tanji Season 2

Goodtaste with Tanji – Season 2

Here’s lookin’ at you, Season 2! Find all 13 episodes right here, ready for viewing on your time. Reruns are also airing on TV right now in our usual time slots. As for Season 3…we’ll see! Stay tuned!

Tanji in the kitchen

Goodtaste with Tanji – Season 2 Episode 13

Delicious comfort food, amazing coffees and more at Greenhouse Craft Food. Then, homestyle Italian from Prego where you’re always part of the family. And, a taste of home at Peggy’s on the Green…

Tanji in the kitchen

Goodtaste with Tanji – Season 2 Episode 12

Southern comfort food classics come alive at a ‘state fair’ in Houston. Then, an award-winning neighborhood wine bar in North Austin, and fine dining found in the most unlikely of spots in the Texas Hill Country!

Goodtaste with Tanji S2E11

Goodtaste with Tanji – Season 2 Episode 11

Tis the Season for awesome food! We’ll start in SA with two restaurants run by a Food Network Star! Then, to Spicewood, TX for award-winning BBQ. And, a Japanese gastropub in H-Town with global flavors…

Goodtaste with Tanji – Season 2 Episode 10

Hot tunes and cool eats at Tony G’s Soul Food! Then, a luxurious escape at Le Colonial-with a side of history! And, get your green thumb on at Vinaigrette, where gourmet salads are the star…

Tanji on Hays Street Bridge

Goodtaste with Tanji – Season 2 Episode 8

A killer patio and casual concept from a legendary TX restauranteur at Down on Grayson. Plus, Vaudeville is cooking up a veritable feast for the ages! And, soak up some Sun and a whole lotta local at Fielding’s…

Tanji in the kitchen

Goodtaste with Tanji – Season 2 Episode 7

Make a habit of healthy eating at Picnik. Famous butter coffees and locally-sourced cuisine. Plus, ride the rails to Rails for dynamite desserts, and some of the BEST breakfast in the US at The Breakfast Klub…

Tanji in the kitchen

Goodtaste with Tanji – Season 2 Episode 6

Jaw-dropping Japanese cuisine from KUU in Houston. Then, let’s meet at Stone Werks in San Antonio for drinks, dinner- you name it! Still hungry? Fuel up for the sights, sounds and EATS from ACL…

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