Goodtaste with Tanji – S3E8

On this episode of Goodtaste, join us as we “snack check” San Antonio’s best breakfast tacos, Amarillo’s nationally-ranked pizza place, and elevated comfort food in Frisco that’s earning rave reviews!

575 Pizzeria Basil & Pepperoni Pizza

575 Pizzeria off Route 66 in Amarillo was ranked as the top pizza place in the nation in 2014 — and when you try this recipe, you’ll know why!

Barnlight Eatery Chicken Fried Shrimp

Our favorite recipe from the Barnlight Eatery in Frisco is the ultimate comfort food! Serve it with a delicious side of sauteed spinach and french onion pasta!

Goodtaste with Tanji – S3E7

Opening a restaurant is a true labor of love and on this episode of Goodtaste, we’re taking you behind the scenes with three families who’ve made it happen.

Top Pizza, Tacos, & Home-style Eats This Weekend!

These days, there’s a “Best of” list in almost every town. As Texans, we have a duty to do our due diligence and “fact check,” if you will! This weekend on Goodtaste, join us as we “snack check” the best breakfast tacos, pizza, and home-style eats!

Pub Eats & Craft Brews at Lubbock’s Crafthouse Gastropub!

Headed out to the Hub City? Hang your hat up at The Crafthouse Gastropub in Lubbock! I’ve always thought of Lubbock as a college town (it’s mine, after all! :), but there’s a new foodie revolution happening — all headed up by an adorable couple who met in the Alamo City!

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