Watermelon Chicken a Treat at Tex Fest

When I heard what this dish was called, I was intrigued. A watermelon glaze on chicken…what in the world is that? Wow, it’s delicious! Sweet combines with savory, and the result is an explosion of flavors. This easy to prepare dish is from HEB’s Cooking Connections and features products ALL sourced from Texas.  It’s just one of the wonderful recipes that will be featured at HEB’s Tex Fest which goes on the first couple of weeks of March. Texas products will be the stars of Tex Fest, and when you visit an HEB during Tex Fest, you’ll get an opportunity to meet many of the talented artisans who produce the products and taste some of those Texas wines you’ve been wanting to try.

Watch how easy this Southwest Watermelon Chicken is to prepare…yee-haw!

Click here for the recipe…

Try the Roasted Red Pepper Quinoa Pilaf it’s paired with. Click here for that recipe.

You can use the link below to search for a listing of stores with a Cooking Connection department.



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