Masraff’s Evening of Hope

It’s not every day you meet someone that’s truly remarkable…someone that makes you take a step back and say ‘wow!’  That’s how I felt the first time I met Tony Masraff.  The white-haired fox is a charmer.  Talk to him for a few minutes and you’ll also discover he’s smart like a fox too.

Tony & Russell MasraffAfter that first meeting, I had the pleasure of sitting next to Tony at one of Masraff’s incredible wine pairing dinners.  It was then that he told me about his fundraising efforts to find a cure for prostate cancer.  He shared his personal story…his encounter with the disease, his decision to go against his doctor’s advice and not have surgery.  He also told me all about his efforts to raise money for the cause and how he strategically insured that the monies he raises go to research and not some line item on some hospital’s balance sheet.  I was impressed.

Each year Tony raises money for prostate cancer research with a golf tournament and an incredible food and wine event  called An Evening of Hope Wine Extravaganza.  The event is Saturday, October 1st from 6pm to 11pm at Masraff’s stunning Post Oak Boulevard location.

Masraff's crab cakesAn Evening of Hope will feature a wine tasting with samples from over 70 wineries worldwide. There will also be a live and silent auction (with many rare wines and some great international travel) and live performances by world renowned Art Explosion – Michael Ostaski.   And of course, plenty of Masraff’s incredible food—ever tried their amazing crab cakes??

For more information about Tony’s Prostate Cancer Research as well as the Wine Extravaganza, please visit

A bit more about the prostate cancer:

  • It’s the leading cause of death in men, but only five percent of federal research dollars are allocated to it
  • One out of every six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime
  • There are over 250,000 new cases estimated each year

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