Authentic Italian Pastas

pasta noodles

Buon giorno everyone! Am I sounding like a real Italian yet? How about a true taste of Italy that you can cook up right in your own home? Here are some authentic pasta recipes that are totally unique and come straight from the boot-shaped peninsula that we’ve all grown to love! I’m calling them ‘culinary works of art’…how’s THAT for some culture? Bon appétit!

Tony's Caramelli
, Houston’s top destination for innovative fine dining, will always have a special place in my heart…it’s where I was engaged! And their caramelli dish was the first of it’s kind to be brought to Texas. This cheesy recipe is fabulous! Many thanks to Tony himself for allowing us to preview it…

Capri pasta pappardelle with artichokes

The isle of Capri is strikingly beautiful, and its food is no less aesthetically pleasing. I loved this when I tried it there…pasta pappardelle with fresh artichokes…so good and so healthy!

Andrea Bocelli’s favorite Luciano’s pasta

Chow down like a celebrity on this dish…or at least a world renown opera star! Apparently, Andrea Bocelli’s favorite Italian meal while performing in San Antonio was this simple spaghetti from Luciano’s that includes bits of real, crushed up walnuts. It’s literally ready in minutes! Be generous with the Parmesan…

Casareccia d’Abruzzo

The goodtaste of Tuscany is alive and well in this pasta…and its the cherry tomatoes and roasted potato slices that emerge to the forefront here. Heat things up in a cast iron pot and enjoy this finely prepared Casareccia d’Abruzzo recipe!

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Vicki says: October 7, 2011 at 3:06 am

What a great refresher Marys tv spot was! I had taken the Central Market hands- on pasta making class months ago, loved it but then got too busy to practise. That refresher helped me make a dazzling dinner last weekend! Thank you!


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