Savory Smooth Pumpkin Tortilla Soup


I love a fast and easy recipe that tastes fabulous—this is it! Perfect for our busy, hectic schedules and just right for our cooler weather.

H-E-B’s Cooking Connections Chef Elizabeth Hallier (who trained at Le Cordon Bleu in London) shows you how to whip up this tasty pumpkin tortilla soup and which simple ingredients to pick up next time you’re at your H-E-B. Pair it with the perfect beer.

Chef Elizabeth Hallier

Chef Elizabeth HallierElizabeth Hallier is currently the manager of the Cooking Connection Department at H-E-B Plus store at 1604 & Blanco. She graduated with distinction from Le Cordon Bleu in London and studied under Chef Michael Katz, Master Chef, Belgium. She has owned her own catering business in Arizona and worked in restaurants in Colorado and London. She currently does live cooking demonstration throughout the week and teaches cooking classes at the store.

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