Go Go Risotto!

Masraff's Risotto

Risotto – just the name all by itself conjures up delicious visions of creamy decadence!  Risotto is a great starter to a meal, but it’s also a meal all to itself.

There’s actually a festival coming up in honor of this Italian favorite – the 9th Annual International Risotto Festival – in Katy at the Houston Design Center.

In honor of the charity event (proceeds go to The Children’s Assessment Center), and because Risotto is one of my all time fav dishes, I contacted a number of H-town’s top chefs to get their risotto recipes, so you’re in for a treat!

You probably have your favorites – I know I do, and I’ll start with one of them.

Masraff's RisottoMasraff’s risotto never ceases to amaze me!  It’s always creamy, never overdone and the flavor combos change often which keeps me coming back for more. Chef Dominic is a master at preparing this dish!  Lucky for us, he shares a lot of his tips as well as his recipe for a velvety Wild Mushroom and Corn Risotto with Grana-Padano

One of my favorite go-to spots in Houston is the Houstonian.  I love the cozy bar and their featured restaurant Olivette serves some remarkable dishes.

Olivette RisottoThis incredibly rich risotto recipe is from the Houstonian’s Executive Chef Neal Cox. It’s a meal in itself.  When I read the ingredients, a light went off in my head that flashed ‘Barolo’—pop a cork!!!

Mockingbird risottoAnother delicious risotto comes from Mockingbird Bistro’s well known chef and owner John Sheely.  It features rich, roasted red peppers and plump Gulf shrimp.

Asparagus_RisottoAlso in the mix with this elite group is the executive chef at Quattro at the Four Seasons Hotel – Chef Maurizio Ferrarese. His risotto is a meal in itself with green asparagus and jumbo lump crab.  The brightness of the asparagus is a nice contrast to the richness of the crab.

Il Mulino risottoAnd last, but certainly not least, a delicious Risotto Frutti De Mar from Trattoria Il Mulino’s Chef Michele Mazza.  This Risotto will have you shouting Bravisimo in no time!

There is a trick or two to getting perfect risotto every time. Chef Dominic from Masraff’s takes you step by step through the preparation of the dish. (To save time for our cameras, he started with blanched risotto)

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