How to Temper Chocolate – Step by Step!


Talk about a cake that’s perfect for the holiday season! Gourmet tea cakes are all the rage right now. Pastry Chef Catherine Rodriguez of Olivette at the Houstonian Hotel, Club, and Spa demonstrates how to best temper chocolate when making this fabulous Orange Cointreau Cake…so elegant and ornate!

The garnishes on any given dessert really set the tone for presentation, and this one is no different. In this case, it’s important to temper the chocolate so as to preserve its smooth and rich taste. Often times if you see a candy bar with white streaks within the chocolate, that means the chocolate has been melted, its crystals have separated and the chocolate is considered ‘out of temper.’ Watch the video as Chef Catherine guides you through the process, which can actually be a lot of finger-licking fun!

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