The New Year – in Portions – at the Houstonian!


Happy New Year Everyone! I must say, I join the craze each and every year and plan to diet come January. It’s one thing to think you know what to do – it’s another to hear it from a professional! That’s exactly what I did when I caught up with lead dietitian, Erika Kaufman, at the world renown Fitness Club and Spa inside the Houstonian. Erika was super helpful and shared a number of easy things to do that can help you maintain a healthy weight, not just for New Year’s but through out the year. You can eat the foods you like and still decrease your overall caloric intake…here are some tips:

  • Have half your plate be full of vegetables — they’re full of fiber and help us feel ultra satisfied! However, if you like to butter them up, watch the video to see exactly how much is too much to add…
  • An ideal protein is around 3-4 oz; Estimate with palm of your hand or the ball of your fist.
  • For starches, whole grains are the way to go. Brown rice, beans — these are your friends!
  • Portion Control! One study showed that the larger your plate is, the more you feel the need to fill it and thus eat more. Personally, I’ve also heard colored dishware versus plain white can subconsciously encourage less eating. Plus, it’s visually more appealing — that’s my opinion 😉
  • Water, water, more water. We’re supposed to drink half our individual body weight in water everyday! Also, try drinking one 8 ounce glass right before you chow down  — you won’t eat nearly as much come meal time.
  • This one’s neat: For those of us who scarf down our meals in mere minutes, set an hour glass on the table with you while you eat. This encourages proper digestion. Take the time to taste, chew and swallow…your stomach will thank you!

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