‘Best of’ Backyard Grilling

Steaks on a Grill

No reservations needed for a fancy restaurant…instead spend the day being ‘king of the charcoal pit’. So, I’ve got some great ideas to help fulfill the grill master in you to get inspired and fired up come meal time! We all know most Texans love red meat and cookouts…(it comes with the territory). See below for some of the ‘Best of Goodtaste’ ideas for for the grill.

HeartBrand SteaksFor the fanatic with refined taste, why not try the best steak money can buy? Once you’ve tried an Akaushi steak, there’s no turning back. And…Heartbrand Beef is good for you too! Click here to see some tips on how to cook these fabulous steaks!

Pecan Crusted Steak

Here’s a steak recipe so good, it was a finalist in a national competition! I discovered this recipe for Pecan Encrusted Gorgonzola Butter Steak while judging the Beringer Vineyards Great Steak Challenge. The finalist, Chera Little is from Wimberley, in the Hill Country. Thank you, Chera!

HEB Ranch Steak with Blackberry Coulis

This delicious seared steak is perfect topped with sweet and savory blackberry olive coulis. Click here for this Cowboy Ribeye recipe from H-E-B Cooking Connection.

Lemon Honey Cilantro Grilled Chicken

If chicken is more your style, this recipe can’t be beat. You can refrigerate the chicken overnight in the savory and delicious lemon-honey-cilantro marinade. Then just pop it on the grill for a couple of hours. You will love this!

Houston Burger

Nothing’s better on the grill than a good burger. When I did some recent TV appearances in San Antonio and Houston that were all about burgers, the response was overwhelming! Check out some of my favorites

Morton's SteakMorton’s is always an amazing destination for steaks. What if you could do a Morton’s-style steak at home? Check out the recipe for some amazing toppings (grilled shrimp!) and delicious sides (fresh asparagus!)…yum!

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