Heart Healthy Steak Unlike Any Other in the US!

HeartBrand Akaushi is heart healthy, it’s true, but it also has an incredible history. The highest quality beef money can buy essentially came to be in the United States through a loophole in a trade act. Now this ‘national treasure’ in Japan is raised from birth stateside in Gonzales, TX, where the Akaushi cattle are said to be the most prized in all the world.


Not only is the taste, buttery and rich, distinct from any other — you can physically see the difference in the marbling on this breed specific beef. Watch our short interview above as HeartBrand president, Jordan Beeman, shares the four palatability traits of Akaushi that separates it from any would-be contenders…the high rate of marbling is one.

Akaushi also contains a unique, positive ratio of monounsaturated to saturated fatty acids, is more soluble, and thus is literally better for you. It also grades higher than Prime at a 6 or 7 on the ratings scale to Prime’s 4 or 5. The comparisons are telling!

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