Harwood’s How-to for Cooking the World’s Best Beef!

There’s only one place in Houston you’ll find this selection of unrivaled steaks. The Akaushi Beef on the menu at the new Harwood Grill is aged in-house by Executive Chef Craig Bianco and his team–with a variety of cuts like ground beef, filet mignon or boneless ribeye to vie for…

HeartBrand Akaushi is the ‘Bentley’ of beef. It’s different, and of a finer quality, than Wagyu or Kobe. A national treasure in Japan, Akaushi refers to a specific breed of cattle this beef comes from…tender, rich and buttery meat that’s actually lower in saturated fat than chicken!

All of Harwood Grill’s steaks are seasoned with sea salt, fresh ground pepper and garlic.


What sets Akaushi apart is the intermuscular marbling…unheard of in any other cut of beef. Chef Bianco chose a boneless ribeye for our short demonstration, searing it on a red hot caste iron grill and finishing it off in a sizzling brown butter sauce. There’s a certain temperature range you should aim to cook yours to…details in the video above. 😉

Plus, CLICK HERE to compare the difference between a cooked pound of ground beef versus a pound of Akaushi…seeing is believing!

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Harwood Grill

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