Revolutionary Gluten-Free Flour Blends from Blackbird Bakery!

If you’re doing the gluten-free diet, or circumstances in life have steered you in that direction, there’s a really cool cookbook I found with amazing recipes for the savory and the sweet. Karen Morgan is the owner/pastry chef/mad scientist behind Blackbird Bakery, whose revolutionary line of flour blends power a seemingly endless supply of baked goodies. This gluten-free gal knows no bounds!


There’s a specific blend for cookies, one for pies and pastas, another for donuts and fritters. And that’s only half of them! The Donut & Fritter blend, for example, was designed for anything that needs to be fried—from fried chicken to the Jelly-Filled Donuts [below] and everything in between. According to Karen, it took over 7 years and 14,000 recipe trials to perfect them all!


[Watch Blackbird Bakery featured on Austin’s KEYE-TV!]

Since being diagnosed with celiac disease, Karen taught herself how to bake and cook gluten-free. Her signature blends are a culmination of all she’s worked for and learned. All-purpose flour doesn’t exist in the gluten-free world. In France they use over 24 different types…Karen’s inspiration.

For now, you may purchase her unique flour blends directly through her website. And look out for Blackbird products at Whole Foods & H-E-B soon enough!

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Blackbird Bakery

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