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Over a dozen years of service and never tasting better! The Fish in Midtown is a longtime favorite for lunch and dinner with spot on sushi, as well as traditional raw and cooked Japanese cuisine.

Executive Chef Harold Wong is humble (though his resume is more than impressive!), lending his expertise to a revamped menu that expands on Fish’s already imaginative roll selection. Here’s a peek at some of Chef’s favorite menu items this fall:

Blazing Tuna:

The Fish Blazing Tuna

Smoked salmon, soft shell crab, cream cheese and jalapeño, topped off with fresh avocado, spicy tuna and wasabi tobiko. Easily a crowd favorite! LOVE the final touch with the orchid. 😉

Edamame Hummus:

The Fish Edamame Hummus

Healthy hummus is on special right now…yum! Plated with fresh pita bread with wonton chips, topped with tamago furikake.

Japanese Crudo:

The Fish Japanese Crudo

This ‘cold plate’ has a new look with Japanese snapper, citrus sauce, topped with fresh herbs, yuzu tobiko–all in a grape reduction for only $9!

The Wynn:

The Fish The Wynn

A special so popular it’s now a permanent fixture during dinner. It’s fresh salmon wrapped around Kanikama mix, spicy aioli and masago. Then, finished with wasabi tobiko and spicy ponzu.

Lunch Bento:

The Fish Lunch Bento

These guys are a big hit during lunch! The Fish offers a variety of conveniently portioned options. The Bento shown above contains glazed pepper salmon with crispy Brussels sprouts, plus soup, salad, rice AND two veggie rolls.

Intricate flavor profiles, colors and textures abound at The Fish! For more delicious recipes and fun food and wine pairing ideas, subscribe to my newsletter.

The Fish Restaurant and Sushi Bar

309 Gray St #107, Houston, TX 77002

Get Directions | Website | (713) 526-5294

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