All Eyes on These Local Iced Coffees!

Sand and Smoke cocktail

Java lovers may wanna rethink the texture and temperature of that daily cup of Joe. Hot coffee still hits the spot first thing in the AM, but if you’re a multi-cup-a-day drinker and searching for variety, let’s chill!

[JUST IN: try this new cold brew coffee cocktail, Sand and Smoke, shown above. That’s Chameleon Mexican Coffee Concentrate combined with pineapple juice, fresh basil, Mezcal and a popular honey liqueur, served over ice with a splash of soda!]

We’re currently on a quest for something cold and bold with serious flavor. Nitro coffee is just the ticket. Think of it as your favorite cup of coffee kicked up…

Nitro Coffee

Nitro coffees are ice-cold, slightly effervescent and have that extra oomph! This innovative java is treated with nitrogen and/or carbon dioxide and has a creamy thick head like a Guinness making it rich and velvety. It’s available in cans at some of the trendier coffee spots like Cuvée Coffee Bar in Austin.


Many thanks to Najwa Kronfel and her fun blog, Delicious Shots, for sharing her ultra creamy Condensed Milk Iced Coffee with us! Depending on how sweet you like yours, add more/less condensed milk. Serve very cold over ice…brrrr:

Condensed Milk Iced Coffee

Huynh Restaurant in downtown Houston does a dynamite Vietnamese Iced Coffee with sweet condensed milk and their own coffee blend. No recipe here — just something I highly recommend!


Cheers to Caffe Medici in Austin and their fun creation, The Freddo. It’s chilled, a touch on the sweet side and frothy! This flirty and refreshing coffee is made with espresso, milk and simple syrup:

Caffe Medici The Freddo

Brown Coffee Co. in San Antonio fixed us up with their Dirty Cold Brew [below] – the most popular iced drink in-house! The secret lies in the type of ice cube used…

Brown Coffee Co. Dirty Cold Brew

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