5 Perfect-for-Summer Cocktails to Try Now

The days have started to slow and the temperature is hitting 90 degrees by noon, so I think we’re all in need of a refreshing cocktail. From a bourbon-spiked punch to Brazil’s favorite libation, the Caipirinha, there is something for everyone. Here, 5 of my favorite thirst-quenching boozy drinks to mix up in your own backyard this summer.

Lavender Lemonade

From my friends at State Fare Kitchen & Bar in Houston, this grown-up Frozen Lavender Lemonade has both vodka and gin in it. The botanical quality of the gin both compliments the lavender and cuts through the sweetness of the Morin’s simple syrup. If you’re unable to find the lavender simple syrup, simmer 1 cup of granulated sugar with 1 cup of water and 2 tablespoons of food-safe dried lavender flowers. Cook, stirring, until the sugar has dissolved. Let cool completely, then strain out the lavender. You won’t end up with the intense purple color of the Morin’s syrup, but you will not miss out on the lavender notes that make this cocktail so special.

Eight Row Margarita

This margarita featuring fresh lime flavor from Eight Row Flint is a long-time favorite at the ice house. This drink is actually quite simple to make so don’t let the lime oleo scare you! With proper preparation, you’ll be churning this delectable drink out left and right. One of the best parts is that you can make a huge batch of the oleo and store it in your refrigerator indefinitely!

Blood Orange-Bourbon Cooler

Blood Orange-Bourbon Coolers

I love the deep red-orange hue that the fresh blood orange juice gives this bourbon cooler from the editors at Coastal Living. The combination of citrus, bourbon and bitters calls to mind an Old Fashioned, but the fresh fruit juices make it perfect for summer. If you can’t find blood oranges, look for Cara Cara oranges, which are easy to get your hands on year round. This recipe is for a crowd, so invite over your favorite people to share it with you.

Classic Caipirinha

Channel the bikini clad beach-goers of Brazil and fix up a batch of their national cocktail. A Caipirinha is a simple cocktail with a burst of fresh lime juice, sugar and cacaçha, a local spirit made from fermented sugar cane juice. This recipe from The Park in Austin uses simple syrup in place of sugar, so you can easily mix this up for a crowd (and not tire yourself from all of that muddling!).

Mango Mojito

You’ll wish you were sitting shoreside when sipping on a signature mango mojito from The Spot in Galveston. A little pro tip for selecting a ripe mango for your concoction at your local grocery store is to gently feel the fruit for tenderness. When the fruit is ripe it will slightly give under your fingers, but please don’t squeeze too hard or else you’ll damage the fruit!


Don’t forget to check out my segment about easy at-home cocktails on We Are Austin on KEYE CBS Austin!


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